No confidence vote

I have zero confidence in Enfield Council especially after the shenanigans this week. The no confidence vote was an utter joke on Thursday. Members of the public who pay their Council Tax are understandably furious. I recorded this short film when I got home from the meeting on Thursday night. This captures the mood of the majority of reasonable Enfield residents. Continue reading No confidence vote

Full Council – 30th September 2020

Sadly the Labour Party in Enfield used a motion at Council on September 30th to score cheap political points against the Government. What they should be doing is working with the Government to help fight this wicked disease. We will win the war on Coronavirus if we all follow the advice and support the Government. We are dealing with a International crisis and we need to unite as a nation to defeat this disease. I pointed this out to the administration in my speech which you can watch here. Continue reading Full Council – 30th September 2020