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Emergency Meeting of Enfield Council – February 2023

The debacle that has been the Labour Administrations handling of the Shires Estate is shocking and disgraceful. As ever they try and avoid scrutiny and attempt to blame the government for their failings. We, The Conservative Opposition, called an Emergency Meeting of the Council to stand up for the residents of The Shires Estate in Edmonton. Proud of all my colleagues who spoke on this tonight.
Labour have made it into the National Press on this for all the wrong reasons and have damaged the reputation of Enfield Council as a result of their catastrophic failings.

Budget Meeting of Enfield Council – February 2023

Tonight at the Budget Meeting Enfield Conservatives supported Government Policy to help pay for Adult Social Care through a 2% increase in Council Tax.

We then voted against Labour’s expensive additional 3% increase in ordinary Council Tax. Labour have totally mismanaged the money in Enfield and shouldn’t be charging Council Tax Payers more for their incompetence.

Standing up for hard pressed tax payers.

Meeting of Enfield Council – January 2023

My speech this evening in response to Enfield’s Labour Council trying to justify why they at £1bn in debt. Rapidly heading the way of Croydon and going bust.

October Meeting of Enfield Council

On the 12th October Enfield Labour Party put forward an Emergency Motion on the Cost of Living. Instead of focusing on helping the people of Enfield, who we were all elected to serve they decided to bash the Government. I spoke on this motion, see the below video.

Enfield Council Meeting – 12th October 2022

Tribute to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

My Tribute to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Great at the Special Meeting of Enfield Council on 21st September 2022